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Day stay hospitals enable complete care to be completed within one day. This is a patient centered approach that allows for better planning, within a more relaxed and stress free environment.

Day surgery is a modern concept made possible through new anaesthetic and surgical techniques, reducing your hospital visit to one day or just hours. The highest quality care is maintained with the benefit of being discharged on the same day.

Day surgery effectively reduces anxiety normally associated with undergoing surgical procedures, and it is the ideal way to avoid disruption at your work or home.

You can ask for a referral from your GP or other registered medical practitioner, optometrist, optician, or in some instances you can call the surgeons or proceduralists rooms directly.

Cataracts – or cloudy lenses within the eye – are the commonest eye problem requiring surgery, with thousands of patients undergoing cataract surgery in NZ every year. Our surgeons at Nelson Day Surgery offer bespoke modern, keyhole surgery as standard for all patients with cataracts. We guarantee that your procedure will be carried out by a specialist consultant who has performed thousands of cataract and lens procedures. Cataracts tend to cause problems with your eyesight, which can manifest as blurred vision, haloes, glare from headlights, or a constantly changing spectacle prescription. Once present, cataracts are highly unlikely to spontaneously improve and the only proven treatment is surgery. Fortunately, thanks to modern microsurgical techniques, this day-case procedure is easy to undergo and the overwhelming majority of patients are delighted with the outcome.

Surgical procedures in and around the eye can seem daunting. We understand this which is why we offer several options to ensure your comfort – ranging from modern “no needle, no suture” techniques, the option of a sedative for relaxation, and all the way through to general anaesthesia with a specialist anaesthetist if required.

Recovery following the modern cataract procedure is fast, with many patients attaining 20/20 vision or better within 24-36 hours. In order to ensure your complete reassurance, all patients are contacted or seen in person depending on preference as a matter of course the day after surgery. Follow-up is normally only required at one week. Many patients choose to have both cataracts removed on the same day whilst others choose to defer second eye surgery to within a fortnight or later. There is certainly no need to wait until your cataract is ‘ripe’ these days. In fact, many patients are choosing to have cataract surgery earlier in order to take advantage of modern intraocular lenses which can reduce one’s spectacle-dependence and increase one’s quality of life.

Within the public hospital setting, most regions have referral criteria, which mean that patients need to have significantly impaired vision before surgery can be contemplated. With Nelson Day Surgery you can obtain excellent vision without waiting. A fully trained surgeon, no waiting lists and no compromise.

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